Map of Gameplay

Challenge various PVE/PVP modes with wisdom

Eternal Formation


Mages experiment with their winning magic here, most notably the Eternal Formation left behind in the Fallen Lands. After all players receive the task, they need to activate 21 defense spells continuously within a certain period of time, and they will get a huge amount of rewards if they succeed

World Boss


From the long history of the precipitated souls, all were once overlooking the side of the characters. Powerful BOSS regularly refreshed in world map. All players can go to challenge, the individual or team with the highest damage will win a generous reward.

Mystic Lands


The mirror space constructed by the broken "World Stone", mapping the reproduction of those areas that are particularly suitable for the growth of evil. All players team up to challenge the special copy, after killing the boss, 5 treasure chests will appear. Players can open the treasure chests with the Grand Mystery Key to get rewards

Sealed Tower

Single Player

A large number of hellish monsters have gathered at the entrance of this hell, and countless Awakeners have assembled to fight against them. All players will be rewarded for each level of the challenge, and rare rewards will be awarded for every 5 levels of the Boss fight.

Compass of Fate


Legend has it that in a secret room hidden in the ground, there stands a compass that guides fate. All players enter in a team and have 5 chances to turn the wheel, each turn will randomly trigger a mysterious event, and you can get a generous reward after completing the event.

Classes Showcase

Customize your own character with strategic builds
  • necromancer

    Necromancers control powerful death magic and fight to maintain the delicate balance between order and chaos. They lay down spell formations to summon various creatures for battle.
  • demon hunter

    Demon hunters have the accuracy of a hundred paces and can easily snipe strong monsters from a distance, and any target objects will be instantly taken care of by them from a distance.
  • Mage

    Mages are spellcasters who use their bodies as conductors of secret energy, manipulating various powers to disintegrate, burn and freeze their enemies.
  • barbarian

    Close combat is the barbarian's specialty, powerful trampling, harsh jumping and slashing to make his enemies fall to their feet.
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